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Seat cover setting



Installation Instrutions for Seat Covers


Now grab the rest part of your seat covers and begin to slide them over your seats. Don't slide the seat cover down until you have the material tucked neatly underneath the headrest plastic release handles. Use these as guide points for proper installation. Now simply slide the seat cover down. Be sure you do this with patience and evenly in order to avoid any mishaps.


There is a small twicle part between the rest and the seat. Place the twincle part between the rest and the seat. We do this to prevent the seat cover from moving.


continue by laying the seat cover down and using the seams and the shape of your seats as a guide to be sure everyting is being installed properly. Grab the outside strap of your seat cover and, tuck it in between your seat and the plastic panel.


Simple take your head rest off your seat before installing the head rest. Overlap the cover, then begin to slide them over your heat rest.Fasten with strip.


The back seat rest also need to be taken off before install the back seat cover. Then spread the cover on the back seat.When fastening the Elastic straps under the seat, make sure place the hook in the right place.


Spread the seat cover when installing the back seat rest. Install with carefulness. The bottom part and the top part of the back rest should hook with elastic straps into the right place.


After intalling the back rest, place the back seat into the original place. Tidy the back rest and back seat carefully.



If the back seats is separated, we have the stand-by zip to install the back seats separatedly. By do this, the usage and the external still looks perfect without any influence.



Then, simple take the back seat head rest off. Install just as the front seat head rest. The whole seat cover is then finished.






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