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Name: TYCU017--4
Detail: Quality Magnetic Bubble Ultra Comfort Massaging Padded Lumbar Support Massage Seat Cushion Cover Comfortable and Durable for Cars or Office Chair . Item includes:1 seat cushion .Black Bubble Seat Cushion is the upgraded version to the regular beaded seat cushion. It has all the benefits and massaging effects as the wooden seat cushion do and much more. .The Seat Cushion was designed in the most effective way possible. The soft molded foam bubbles improve posture and massage your back simultaneously. The seat cushion still allows air to circulate thereby keeping you nice and cool. Furthermore the magnets in each seat cushion provide your body with extra magnetic force that strengthens your cells. .The Bubble Seat Cushion is easy application in most cars trucks and vans. The elastic strap keeps the cushion securely in place while still giving you the padding. Its lightweight property allows you to transfer it from one chair to the other. In addition because the bubble seat cover relieves stress points in your back and shoulders it makes sitting in work or driving comfortable again. .Stop the pain and stiffness in your legs and back on car long journeys. Elastic strap keeps cushion in place
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