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 Make Sure the Details Bellow about You
1 Year (       )  2 Make (       )  3 Model (       )                        

 4 Door (         )   5 Body Style (                            )  

5 Number of entire car seats (  );                              

 6 Seat is leather or velvet (  )                                                  

 7 Number of back seat head (  ); Can back seat head be removed ( );

    Head  is solid  or hollow (  );

 8 Are ther handrails in the back seat (  ), If there are, is it on both sides or in the middle (  );

 9 Is the back seat rest separated or siamese (  ), If it is separated,is it separated by half or 4:6 (  );

10 Please say the most prominent feature of your seat (  );

11 Please fill out the information above truthfully, and please leave your phone that can contact you at any time (  );

 Please take note when order the seat covers:

 Each set of the seat cover in Touyuan Automative is manufactured acccording to customers’ vehicle.

The prices are upto five seats car prices. If your seat is more that 5, then the price is counted in this way: the price divides 5 to get each seat’s price, then mutiples the totoal number of seats.

 Before placing an order to us, please make sure for your specific car models: Cars series; models;  pre-date;  car Origin;  displacement;  Exhaust volume; Is the back seat rest separated or siamese ;  can back seat head be removed; Are ther handrails in the back seat (if there are, is it on both sides or in the middle). All of these elements should be checked to avoid any problems that do not meet your car models.


 1 The Seat Covers Direct Warranty on all Seat Covers is as follows:

 All of our seat covers and related products and materials are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 1 (one) year from the date of your purchase. We will happily repair or replace the defective part, but that part only. Normal wear and tear incurred during the long life of your seat covers, or damage inflicted during installation of your covers, is not covered. 

 2 Returning poliy
 We make each set of seat covers upon the receipt of your order.  They are all custom-made per your request.  If your covers do not fit your seats properly, simply return the part that does not fit and we will gladly fix it to make it perfect.  We guarantee 100% craftsmanship on all of our seat covers. Since these items are custom-made, there are no refunds or exchanges.

  3 Ordering cycle

Since each of the seat cover is set according to your customerized model, the goods would deliveried with 10 days after you submit orders uner normal circustances.







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